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God bless Amerika


 ... What`s about with this fk** shit system in America?                    Well ... I don`t know wheather you`ve heard about the young boy , who saw those brutal pictures of Saddam Hussein in television and aimed his execution. He formed a mesh out of some stuff and hang himself at his loft bed. I think it`s so unbelieveable. A friend of mine explained today in art lesson that there are different ways to die by execution. Through one way your neck breaks and you are immediately death. The second way is more sadistic. When the falling down didn`t kill you at once you will choke slowlier by your own weight.His example shows us once more the "real America". Bush surely reacted immediately. He said that the execution of Saddam became too cruel  he didn`t wanted to. At the moment I prepare a report about GLOBAL WARMING ,another important big theme!!!! I`ve read about America`s efforts to stop pollution. The same shit. After Bush`s assuption of office he caused an economic-revolution-something good in his office...woah  ....Till 2006 he didn`t say anything else about pollution. But last year he must have noticed that less addiction to arabic oil supports his fight against terrorism and he called their homey oil "freedom fuel". I don`t understand why so many people in America don`t check it and support their "leader". A teacher of mine would say: There are no idiots.. only people who don`t think. It`s a prudent slogan^^ but...

Actual we all are addicted to America. I mean what about not having MC Donalds or BurgerKing- Ok... we can abandon BurgerKing- but what will we do , when there wouldn`t have been all these influences? All porn, for example  - i mean inland products are really less good than american FOX productions. At the moment I couldn`t live without my MTV. It`s essential for life!!!! When I could not watch "Room Raiders" or "Date my mam" or how is this new serie called...where your parents chose two new boyfriends for you and after the dates you can decide wheather you keep your old boyfriend or take another one. Uhhh..and stuff like South Park _ absolutely cult!! More than 3/4 of the music you here is from an american singer, who are all pushed by special histories like 50 Cent for example. Been shot 5 times... a hero >.< .. But much better than this german f*** shit Lafee or okio Hotel - who`s is not fan of Tokio Hotel >.<-  Apart from television and music, many eminent authors come from America. And ... a moment ago I wanted to say your clothes, too..... but they come from China... made by all this sweet little hardworking children- who really need that cents they earn at one day to support their 8-head-familys- even Adidas and other rich Labels. Don`t thing your`s doesn`t!!! Or Takko ..hehe... No...Takko is german quality of course...;P                                                                                    All man standing on high positions exploit it !!! Why do you think our jobless rate is so high in Germany?Because all the big producer build up their fabrics in low-wage countrys like Poland ^^ ... there they don`t even have to transport their cars to, because they are brought over for them^^ Isn`T that friendly^^ We all love Poland. We even take benefit of it. For Example Poldi. Would we have reached so much in the WM without this smart guy? And the strong hands of Jens Lehmann of course. But back to topic. Joschka Fischer said we all should take an example by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He promised to sag air pollution in California till 2020. Woah .... pluspoint ... But it`s just "blabla" which comes from all politcians  just for voting them. One other american product PARIS HILTON supported Puff Daddy`s " vote or die" thing -don`t know the right word-...Just another example^^ and did`t do anything of them.

mh. ... All in all don`t think we can change anything-  not pessimistic >.< - only by becoming politicians too...but then we would have to bring down our standard and I really think, when you are in those position you would act same way , after a while. Jope. So the only thing we can do is holding our mouth shut till we will die by global warming which we produced throgh our own shit treatment.



8.1.07 20:10


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